Training and Teaching


Energy Experts

We have had a significant number of visitors over the years. Though we do not have regular hours, this is a working lab, we welcome visitors and groups to see what we have, to discuss how these systems work, and if they may fit a a particular application.

This is a group of Chinese students that have visited the last 3 years as part of a summer program at NIU DeKalb

International Students

This is a RVC student group that helped us put on our Expo last year. We have directly supported student groups at RVC, NIU , Elgin CC, Heartland CC and Highland Community College.

We find free pizza, T-Shirts,  and Best Buy Gift cards to be a power incentive. We also donate an appropriate amount to the club for their use in return for their help.


We have assisted students in looking at job options, re-writing resumes appropriate to Advanced Energy companies, and in  general exposing them to something different as this is a relatively new field

ISU Student

The ETA-International Organization awarded FFRE a certificate of recognition for training efforts.  To the left is Professor Steve Fleeman, RVC connection to FFRE

Training Awards