Student Water Monitor


SRES collaborated with Freedom Field Renewable Energy to install a multiparameter water quality monitoring probe, the EXO2 Sonde, in SpringCreek on RVC’s campus. This allows for real-time monitoring of surface water quality in the creek which will provide valuable data regarding our watershed.

The quality of our surface water is important as an indicator of the integrity of our ground water, is important for the health of aquatic species, and impacts the condition and success of the ecosystem at large. It is our stated goal to identify and manage local sources of pollution impacting our waterways.

Tardigrade will be used to analyze water quality along Spring Creek, as well as used as a teaching tool for students. Students will be trained to collect and analyze data, become familiar with monitoring technology, and understand why water quality is a vital part of the ecosystem.

The Sonde will be placed in Spring Creek just across from the JCSM Building. Every 15 minutes the Sonde takes measurements and relays the data to YSI’S KOR software. This software will then relay the digital data to Storm 3 which will send it via a cell signal the link below.

SRES hopes to better local water quality by implementing a variety of sustainable practices. Not only would these actions improve the water quality on campus and along Spring Creek, but we hope as a club to spread awareness of water management to the student body and the surrounding community.

Monitoring the quality of water in the creek on campus will give students an idea of the factors affecting our stream. By collecting data from multiple locations both down and upstream from Tardigrade students will be able to use the data to identify sources of pollution and make recommendations regarding land use and land management practices. This is especially relevant for us due to the wide array of fertilizers, ice/snow melt solutions, and drainage designs being used in urban areas.

Water IMG_1547Water IMG_1548Water IMG_1557 Water Monitor Standup