RVC Multi-Purpose Solar Powered Station

Link to Weather Data

The just completed Multi-purpose Station came on line June 15 2016

230 Watt Solar Panel Donated by:

Universal Solar

VG 1

This was designed and built by 3 teams from 3 different programs at RVC Environmental Science

Building Technologies

Sustainable Systems Engineering

It is a base station for a number of current and future Student sustainability projects and has been funded by the 2015 Ni-Expo event held at RVC

It is an off grid solar powered system

It is an attractive Park Bench/Study Spot placed at a peaceful location on Spring Creek with two seats.

It includes two USB charging stations for both everyday use and as an emergency power source if the campus power goes out.

It is a full functioning Weather station with data publicly available (above)

Soon it will have an after dark and emergency self  powered safety light.

Other sensors and possibly more power outputs will be added as it is intended to be a base for future sustainability projects


VG Hobo

Many thanks to all the people involved in a truly campus collaborative effort.