Our Purpose

 ###  In ranked order the FFRE strategic priorities are: ###

FFRE provides education and technical support for sustainable production to manufacturers.

FFRE provides hands-on training and technical skills development to area students.

FFRE serves as a conduit for potential renewable energy technology commercialization opportunities.

FFRE serves as a technical advisor to local municipalities, organizations and industry on renewable energy adoption and deployment.

FFRE is a prime US entry point for International renewable energy technology companies.

FFRE develops, demos and deploys renewable energy systems technology to support the regional agricultural industry.


Leadership and PartnershipsLinnea and Scott

Community Economic DevelopmentConsulting Rooftop

The diagram below is the original concept started at Freedom Field to have many forms of energy connected into one integrated system.

The idea is to make it work and then demonstrate to the region what is possible.

FFRE Concept