HOBO Data Hill

Hill Data and Graphs

We have on the hill east of Freedom Field a 10 KW Wind Turbine and 3 Solar Electric Systems (4 x 220 Watts) that are used for experimental purposes. There is an Internet enabled HOBO system, where the data is uploaded displayed and graphed that anyone can access. It includes wind speed, solar radiance, as well as the systems outputs.

The main purpose it to educate interested people the link between weather input and technical performance as well the different ways to configure solar installations

10 KW Wind Turbine

bergy_0970 (20)

(4) 220 Watt Panels Facing 20 degrees off the true south standard siting

Hill Panels on Truck

(4) 220 Watt Panels on a solar Tracking System that follows the sun

Hill Tracker

(4)  220 watt panels sited in the traditonal way

Hill Panels