FFRE Projects Efficiency

Recently our major educational and hands on efforts are focused in the domain of energy efficiency.

Kill a Watt

Link to the Midwest Clean Jobs Report

74 % of the 569, 000 Clean Job  in the Midwest (12 States ) are related to Energy Efficiency

113, 918 are Illinois Jobs

It is projected that these jobs will grow at a 5.3 % rate


We are combining this with the tremendous opportunity in the area of the Internet of Things movement

The demand for Mid -Level Technical people  to install and maintain these complicated systems is large now and there will be a greater labor and  skills  shortage in the near future

This is nothing new, it is the system of sensors, communications, and controls with the accumulation of data that is accomplishing huge reductions in energy consumption.

Specifically we are working with:

Variable Frequency Drives

High Efficiency Motors

Lighting and HVAC controls

Smart Grid Load and Time Shifting Schemes

High Efficiency Lighting with Remote controls (LED)


Vampire Energy comes from Plugged in equipment that is  is not actually on

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